24 de nov de 2008


So this is it. I'm going to be off for some days. Firstly, because I have to study for my final exams and finish my college works. Secondly, to stop stressing. Yayoi [a big friend of mine, I consider her as my best friend, besides Tamara] talked to me and said the thing that was on my mind this morning. I'll be away of everything. All the forums and forget that msn, aim and yahoo messenger exists. [At college I'm stressed too, but anyway].

Yesterday, I deleted lots of people from "some" groups. If you're in on of those and you can't see me online, God bless you, you're one of the persons who are making me mad. I was to delete some more, but those people I will "miss", so I haven't. Example: 31 ppl - 13 now. I wanted 15, but anyway. I need to study. VF [ Final Verification ] means x2. And need to stop worring with those people, they made me sad. If I'm talking to you and I'm putting lots of "^^", be sure that I'm not okay.

So that's it. See you some day. You'll not miss me anyway, so bye.

ps: To Van and Tata: I'll be back, we need to work! AP:BR Team fighting!
ps2: To Jesse: Happy Birthday for you on Nov 27th, and again, welcome to the family! <3

At Least I Still Have You - Amber Pacific

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