21 de nov de 2008

Somethings are better left unsaid..

I'm getting stressed. The year is finishing and I have lots of college works to do. You know when you know that you need to do it but don't know what to do first? That's it. I have a Travel Program to do [Pantanal], my Marketing exam, a website for my Informatic work and a Culture work to do, besides study for the final exams. My colleagues are thinking "She doesn't do ANYTHING, she don't seems to be interested", but the real truth is... I can't take it anymore. For the first time in my entire life, I want vacations or I'll explode!

I need to laugh (like today, I had lunch with Miry unnie), I want tolisten music out loud, wanna travel, I want hugs..

TOP 10 Reasons why Hyuk and I were made to each other - ok, that's so stupid, but no-one reads this blog..

10. His favorite school subject, besides P.E, was Geography. My grades were good in Geography when I was in school, in fact, I was the best Geography student in my schools.

09. When I have terrible dreams with him, he always appears in SuKiRa with my favorite coats ever. The black one, the white one and the gray one. Let's not talk about his shirts..

08. I superduperlove Westlife, and, one day, he sang "My Love". And I woke up that day with "My Love" in my head, spend the morning listening it. When I arrive @ home and opened SuKiRa, he started to sing it. Besides "My Love", he always sing my favorite songs. Like one day, he sang "Lovely Day", I write a fanfiction called "Lovely Day" and was addicted to it (to the song).

07. When I'm watching SuKira, we do all the same moves almost the same times. Like the hair thing, to drink something, to laugh with something on the internet. Always. Sometimes these little things scares me.

06. All my friends knows about my "obsession" with Stitch, and he took a picture with it.

05. My friends and my family says that's too easy to make me cry. And really is. If you just tell me "I don't like you anymore", I'll cry after ask you why.

04. He wants to meet Japan and Egypt. If you ask someone of my family, they'll tell you my obsession with Japan and Egypt when I was a kid.

03. It's too difficult to express my feelings. I can only demonstrate it giving hugs. I'm very shy with people, only those ones that I already met knows me. With boys.. hahaha no comments.

02. When I was a kid, my cousins were very mean to me. One day, we went to a place full of candy, and I couldn't take the candies that I wanted to, so I cried. I was crying so much that they gave me their candies, wasn't so sweet like I wanted, but I ate it. This happened with him too. Fact or fiction?

The number one reason why we were made to each other is:

01. He like girls with curly hair, not long or short, not too skinny not too fat, and who makes him smile and laugh. My hair is curly, it's medium size, I'm not skinny and I'm always making people laugh. O_O

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