16 de nov de 2008

Miss You

My band mates..
OMG, today I missed them SO MUCH, I even cried! We haven't met each other since last year.. Let me introduce them: The twins Millie (bass) and Nique (guitar), Nai (guitar) and Debbie (me - drums). We are Son of Dork cover - actually, we haven't played any songs of them with the instruments YET. We've met because of them and we are friends because of them.
But they "split" [we don't know if SoD really ended, it's a big story..] and then we started to be busy with colleges and stuff.. I started to like Asian Music.. and that's the situation.

This night I had a cute and awesome dream with Hyuk and stuff, but woke up with "Little Things" in my head. Searched my SoD cd and onlystopped to listen when it was 10am (dance time).
The videos that I wrote, my fanfictions... the pictures that I took with them [the girls]... I cried. Really cried, I even posted a photo entry in my fotolog, I can't take it anymore. I miss them, I miss our conversations, I miss our dreams, I miss everything. And I want to play with them, our real band, Daughter of Dork, Nai, Nique, Millie and Debbie. And even Bel, she could play the guitar.. *thinks* who knows.. ^^'

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