13 de nov de 2008

Do you feel weird when you're so happy, but, in another time, you're so sad..? Without reason? I'm like this now. Until dunno.. two hours ago, I was so happy that I was almost screaming. And now I'm tired/sad without (without?) reason.

Anyway, let's dream because pillow is cheap and you don't need to pay to dream.
Or you do need to pay...?

I want to write an one-shot to Na Woon-ssi, but I can't put it on the paper! I spend the hole morning thinking about it, I even opened Wordpad, but I can't put it in words.. I want to write her an one shot cuz she's so cute and so sweet! She's from Indonesia, so far from me, but dunno, I really like her ^^ My dear dongsaeng, who loves Yesung oppa ^^ And she'll revenge JongJin dongsaeng ^^ *he deserves* * in her fanfiction ^^*

Talking about fanfictions, I need to write.. But I'll only start, because my final exams are coming and I need to study. I'm a little bit "lazy" now, so I'll study more. I'll stop dancing (yes, I dance @ night, cuz I don't have any energy to dance @ afternoon ._.) and study more. The problem is.. how? Economic and Marketing are the worse ones.. I'm worried, really am. But I don't want to ask help to my college "friends". Cuz I do everything for them and they never help me, only a few ppl (Beta, Fran and Lilly, but Beta helps more).

I'm not bored. Actually, I need to study, but I can't concentrate. I'm listening the same song (You're my Endless Love) since 16hrs, and it's almost 17:30hrs. All the time, non stop. My favorite song from super Junior. And it's only because.. once I had a dream. And this song was in it. Then, everytime that I listen this song, I feel something weird.. And end up crying.

Enn up... "End up like this". Anio, anio, NO Son of Dork for me, I don't want it!

I'll do Hyukkie's 100 Questions.. I-need-to-study-and-I'm-answering-it ^^

1. Name: Deborah (a.k.a Debbie, a.k.a Sang Jin)
2. Age: Right now, 19
3. Birthdate: 08.06.1989
4. Schools you've attended: Don't remember the names..
6. Height: 1.66cm
7. Blood type: A
8. Religion: Uhnn
9. Hobbies: Studying, watching gag (comedy) programs (2)
10. Personality: Everyone probably knows already, I'm nice. But when someone takes away my food, I'm not nice =.=" (2)
11. What makes you happy in a day: A smile.
12. Something you're not satisfied with at the moment: My grades, even if they're great.
13. What you wear to sleep: Whatever
14. Type of hairstyle you like on a boy: Whatever.
15. Dream Boy: someone who makes me smile and makes me laugh. Someone who I can always hug.
16. Habits: Bite nails
17. Fruits you like: Strawberies, Mango
18. Vegetables you like: Lettuce LOL
19. Female celebrity that you think is good-looking: Uhnnnn..
20. Male celebrity that you think is pretty: My taste is very "unclear" to some ppl, so I prefer to not answer it ^^
21. An item you cherish; Dunno
22. Number you like: 8 and 4
23. Something you're pondering/wondering: Some people are cruel..
24. My promise: I won't be normal..i want to live with a normal face. (2)
25. How are you feeling now: Not happy, but not sad.
26. What you want to do right now: A hug.
27. A kid you like: Dunno
28. Fave foods: Pizza (2)
29. Foods you dislike: Some..
30. Foot size: 37 in Brazil ^^
31. Alcohol intake: alcohol No~ (2)
32. Smoke: smoke No~ (2)
33. A movie you watched that you thought was sad: "A Moment To Remember". Cried like a baby.
34. Childhood dream: Save the world. (keep dreaming!)
35. Motto: Don't have any.
36. Hours of sleep: I hate sleep
37. Future hope: Don't know..
38. What do you think you laugh most at: I laugh really easily -0- (2)
39. What you cook well: Ramen O_O And everything mom says "You'll be fat"
40. Where you live now: My house? Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
41. A memory that lasts in your mind: When I met Simple Plan.
42. What saying you use often: it's different every every time (2)
43. How long you've been away from home: 1 month
44. First kiss: I don't really remember..
45. If you did, where: since it's happened in the past, forget~~I regret it a lot too (2)
46. What you look @ first when you see a boy: Smile.
47. If you have a boyfriend: if I have a b/f; what kind of answer do you want -0-? (2)
48. If I was in a love triangle: meet each one individually and clear things up (2)
49. If the person you love betrays you: if the person really loves another person, I can understand (2)
50. What you want to give to the person you love: Love?
51. What you do at school: Study? ¬¬
52. Fave flower: I don't know the names of many flowers keke (2)
53. Fave song: LOTS.
54. Fave color: Blue, purple, gray, white.
55. Age range of person to marry: Don't know
56. What do you do in your spare time: Write. Read.
57. First love: ..
58. If you had 100manwon: bravo~ (2)
59. A drama you liked: Don't have a favorite. Actually, I don't really like to watch tv.
60. Movie you enjoyed: Ferris Bueller's Day Off. WATCH IT! You'll laugh a lot.
62. How do you relieve stress: Dance. Write. Take a nap.
63. What you want to learn: To write scripts.
65. If your boyfriend had a limited amount of time left: What? o.o
66. When you feel that you don't like yourself: When I have bad grades.
67. Sex before marriage: Anio?
68. Life principle: Smile.
69. Weather you enjoy: clear, beautiful weather (2)
70. What you watch on tv a day: The news. They're cool.
71. Important friend: aren't all friends important? (2)
72. Living is? Necessary? O.o What kind of question is that?
73. Fave drinks: orange juice (2)
75. Snacks you like: Something with chocolate.
76. If you and your b/f break up where would you go: My room and open my Japanese book to study.
77. A teacher you respect: because I'm a nice student I respect most of my teachers (2)
78. Introduce your family: Mom.. dad... grandmother.. bird.. older twin brothers by dad's part. Very loud, very Brazilian, very "meat eaters". But everybody very lovely.
79. Happiness is: it varies from person to person, doesn't it? No matter what it is if it gives someone joy and if you think it is, I think that it's happiness (2)
80. From past birthday presents, one you remember most: A great hug.
81. Animals you like: Dogs
82. Plant you like: grass (2)
83. Favorite season: it doesn't matter what season just as long as it's a clear day (2)
84. What you think about homosexuals: Let them live their lifes!
85. If you had to choose between friendship or love: to tell you the truth, I still haven't been able to decide yet (2)
86. If the world ended tomorrow: Dunno what to do.
87. Singing ability: My voice is terrible!
88. Dancing ability: My dancing skills are terrible! But I'm practicing.
89. Song you like: Lots
90. Things you have to have in a relationship: trust and understanding (2)
91. Subjects you like: Geography (2)
92. Girls that are older, guys that are older (& dating): uhm, what's wrong with it~if they both love each other.. (2)
93. If you died tomorrow: Tell the ones that I love how important they are to me.
94. When will you get married: Dunno.
95. In twenty years, your appearance: A cool mistery (2)
96. Places you want to visit: Egypt (2), Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan..
98. To the person reading this: No one will read this ¬¬
99. If there's something you need to change about yourself: Yes, there is xP
100. Any last comments: Hi, nice weather.

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