12 de nov de 2008

English again

I decided to write in English again.. don't ask why .______.

Anyway... I'm feeling terrible. I had a super terrible and weird dream [and yesterday, my dream was SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL that I still can't believe I dreamt with it ^^] with the President ._. Went to college sleeping in the car.. my dad fighted with me about a thing with my aunt ¬¬
When I arrived, my Marketing teacher asked me lots of things in Japanese. I don't see any problem with it, but all the time "how can we say 'this'?" ¬¬' Then my Agency class... I haven't finished the homework [was too tired yesterday ><], and he said "I knew you wouldn't do it" to my friend. She turned on the "f**k you" but I was sad for her. It was very cruel from him to talk like that. I know he's one of the Tourism intelligences of Brazil and stuff, but hey, he can't simply say 'hey, I knew you wouldn't do it, cuz you're too lazy' ¬¬ And yesterday, my Economic teacher had a "fight" with my class. It's always "turma do fundão" [the ones who sits in the end of the classroom and talk all class ><]. I know he's right, they talk too much.. Anyways, I'm with a bad heachade now..
Then I came home thinking about my final exams. They'll be easy [ok, some], but the difficult ones. Marketing and Economic.. I'm never satisfied with my grades.. They are all , 8.6, 9.0 (from 10.0), but I always want more.. Ok, then I opened SuKiRa.
Life is so mean with me! Hyuk Jae + gray clothes always makes me melt *-*.. I write a fanfiction called "Lovely Day" and guess what? He sang two or four lines of the song... "Lovely Day"! My first smile of the day! SuKiRa finished with one of my favorite songs from Keane.

Isn't he cute? *-*

And now here I am, studying Japanese and Marketing.. ¬¬' I really like to learn Languages [I wanna know: Indonesian, Malay, Thai, Korean and Japanese *-*], I prefer more that learn anything else. One day, I'll speak all those languages *-* *dreams*

Just to send "hi, I'm alive!"

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