7 de dez de 2008

Back Back Back to the Middle..

OMG, can't stop listening this song, it's sooooooooo addicting xD The Pink Spiders used to be a great band to me, but without Matt and Bob, where's the fun??? =/

I guess I'm better. Had 4 nightmares AT LEAST, but i'm still here.

Was thinking this morning [2am] how much I changed all those years. I guess i'm not good, and prefer the old Deborah. The one who used to write stories in Math copybooks and read two or three books per day.. the one who writes videoclips only listening songs. Yesterday I finally wrote my script for "Little Johanna" [McFly]. And cried, it's the most beautiful mv that I ever created. "Down y the lake" [McFly] is funny, it's in 60's and 2005's.. I like "End Up Like This" [Son of Dork], but I still think confusing. "Little Things" [Son of Dork] became an oneshot for Fefa [not the hole clip, but big part of it]. My very first clip was "Everytime" [Simple Plan], it was created in July of 2006, when I went to Brasilia with my grandmother.. "Stare At You" [NKOTB] it's really cool, never finished. And "Time is in out side" [NKOTB].. omg, I love this one too, so "Cinderella" and stuff... ^^ "Bubblewrap" [McFly] is other clip that I loved to write. I created a movie script for Son of Dork's cd [omg, i'm so loser of doing it], but decided to delete. But if one day I decide to write again, I'll write. OMG, Amber Pacific have LOTS of videoclips created by me. One of them it's for "Take me From this Place". I created when their friend died, so this clip have lots of meaning to me. One day, I'll send them this script, even if this song is "old".

http://br.geocities.com/dehlefebvre/littlejohanna.htm [it's in portuguese, but who knows.. *Debbie loser for creating things like this ¬¬*

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fernanda disse...

que clipe triste ;__;
eu achei lindo.

e não é loser por criar isso, eu acho mto bacana. um dia ainda quero ver um clipe teu na tv <3