30 de dez de 2008

Actually, my day off is tomorrow, but I changed with a friend ^^ So he'll be there in my place today @ afternoon [he works @ morning] and I'll be there for him Jan 1st *o*

Yesterday was... CAOTIC! O_O I'm not kidding, I love tourists and stuff but yesterday was like 'what's happening here?'!! I don't even know how I'm alive *kidding*, but seriously, it was like hell yesterday.. Our last train comes back almost 6:30pm, yesterday, the last train came back almost 9pm! I listened "thank you" about 3, 4 times, I guess.. Everybody was so busy.. terrible!

And I was feeling terrible, cuz I'm sick [today I'm sick hahaha], was with a terrible headache yesterday.. And a tourist was so mean with me, saying that I was faking my voice [it's not so good since sunday] and I was to explain the things with a good voice, not faking and lots of bla bla blas.. The case was that I was almost crying when my friend helped me... And to complete the day, it was SO DAMN HOT! Today is not hot, but yesterday was... Anyway, chaos...

Yaaaaaaaay, I FINALLY GOT MY "THE BLOCK"! \o/ I asked as xmas present.. and today FINALLY arrived \o/ I can't scream, because my voice will be wort.. But I'm vibrating hereeee *-* I can't believe I have my very first New Kids on the Block [actually "New Dudes on the Block" xDD] cd! It's like.. when Yayoi send me Super Junior's Single *-* I wanna scream, but I can't! It's playing "Close to You", the song that was playing in NKOTB.com when everything was starting.. This song reminds me all the work that I had reuniting the evidences of their comeback... Ah, NKOTB... I love them so much... They're like a life.. like the air I breath.. and the blood in my veins ^^ *ok, actually it's Donnie, but I like them all xD*

This night I had a weird dream... I was working and all the tourists were... K-Pop/Rock/Hip Hop singers! O_O And actress + actors! I only realized that when I saw my divas[a.k.a Seo In Young and Hyo Ri] talking with each other.. and saw JunSu playing cards with EunHyuk and TaeYeon hahahaha weeeeeeeeird! Then Jung Woo Sung [*o*] asked me when the next train would arrive and I remember to faint cuz he smiled to me... So beautifulllllllll *o*
And so weird /fear

lights, camera, action - new kids on the block

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