28 de jan de 2010

My new addiction, new addiction and I can't control it!

One tiny note before everything: TAMI, IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT! xDDD

When Lollipop Fics "debuted", I started to search some sites about A-music, in portuguese, to affiliate and stuff. THEN I found Aihaoyue (Tami's website) and decided to listen that boyband in the front page. Their name was M.I.C and the song, "Yao Ming De Fao Nao". It was love @ first music (?) and runned youtube searching songs, videos, etc. They don't even debuted "yet", but I'm totally in love. In about two or three weeks, M.I.C's thread in Cfensi (a forum) had 10 pages. I have a favorite. Actually, they all are my favorite. I'm suffering of "M.I.C Disease". xD

Something that really makes me mad is the stupid habit people have to compare artists. After I read "Yuehan's a Taeyang Wannabe" I was so mad. I decided to not answer, because the consequences would be terrible (I really sucks @ fights but whenI want to fight it's another story)...

They're so funny, so talented and so dorky...xDDD

Right, that's it, bye

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hellohelloaiyo disse...

Hi Debbie, It's Paks :)
I get mad when people compare artists too! Lol and I also don't reply back to things (like on allkpop) because some of the fans on there are so defensive!

But anyways I'm pretty much hooked onto M.I.C. too and I wish they debuted already! I think they're like the first first Cpop band I have tuned into cause they caught my attention.

BTW I like your blog ^^